Addressing tonight.

Why did you make this post to attack the advanced ATC. We are volunteers. If you want ATC so bad then become an ATC yourself.


A much better post would have been. “When there is no ATC, please maintain 5nm spacing, when there is ATC, listen to instructions”


What can you say, some pilots don’t know what spacing is.

He is, that’s the fun part of it. He could just open up himself


That’s the dream. But when you have the opportunity to be IFATC wouldn’t you want to use it as much as possible and I find it hard to believe that every single IFATC was bust tonigh

Why was this necessary? We worked hard for months to bring you think and this is how you say thank you…

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We have normal lives… Well, most of us and we can control when we want to. Controlling 50+ aircraft who don’t know how to space themselves on their own doesn’t sound like fun to me.

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Fair enough. I was more annoyed at the amount of hate we received after working this hard

Not unless all my other life’s priorities are taken care of already.

Why do I need to say thank you?

So what your saying is your trying to make people mad at the ATC instead of you?

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Wait what? No I am just frustrated because it was implied weeks in advance that we had IFATC support and I don’t know what happened but only two showed up

All I’m saying is that it’s not atc’s fault the pilots can’t space so don’t make a post blaming ATC for the event not going well

But was that amount of sarcasm and insulting manner necessary

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I saw him a few days ago and see him frequently, so he should remain an IFATC.



I was being sincere.

That is the most ironic thing I have heard all day. IFATC is a volunteer program that has a great bunch of people who work day in day out to provide excellent service. Wanna know what we get in exchanged, Pilots like you who don’t know how to follow instructions or fly but come on the expert server. But you know what that’s fine we can deal with that right but then we have the exact same people come to us to complain.So you want to talk about hard work not being recognized I find that amusing to say the least. WE have a life we cant be everywhere all the time so to act entitled in your comments that its our job to cover you un offical event is bogus.

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Not really… you defend your people I defend mine. Deal?

I’m done with this if you want to continue to argue please do but I just won’t respond anymore