Addressing the 'Flying on X aircraft soon, what should I expect?' topics

I have noticed the rise of topics of soon-to-be passengers on commercial airliners asking about a certain aircraft. I would suggest a single thread, organized by aircraft, then airline regarding the experience on an aircraft. For example:

Boeing 787
Air Canada

Review, pictures from those who have flown on it go here.

Credit: Air Canada

This would ease clogging of the forum, and someone who has the power to do so can make said topic a wiki, so one can add their review/link to their review topic. This way, prospective flyers can reference this topic regarding the experience on an airline’s aircraft.

Is this necessary? Do you have other ideas? General comments?

Mention them below.


Nathan makes a good point. Perhaps crack down on these kinds of threads instead?


If I am honest, I think those topics are unnecessary. If you want to know what to expect, watch or read some reviews about it elsewhere, in places like “Google” or “YouTube”. Anyone heard of those?


I can agree with that. Opinions on the product of an airline can be found all over the internet.

Or just Google it. One less thread to worry about.


So should the mods start cracking down on these types of threads?

I couldn’t have agreed with you more @Joseph_Krol
These topics are getting out of hand


Right? You can find out so much with just a quick Google search.


Exactly or just watch a YouTube trip report about the airline/aircraft

I guess it is a way to engage the community to share their thoughts and opinions about an airline they’ve dlown, so the person asking can gain some knowledge from people who flown the airline earlier, to sort of prepare ahead of time, for something… wait… no.

Just fly on the plane, airline, or whatever you’re asking for. I know this is going to sound a bit harsh, but in all honesty, there is no other way of knowing what you may think, feel or have sort of experience on a certain aircraft or airline unless you try it out.

By asking you’ll get some say negative points to an majority, and others positive ones. And where do you stand, in between them all unknowing to what the aircraft/airline really is like, before you personally go and try it out.

Google about the aircraft specifications, and whatnot or airlines service, and you’ll find a unlimited amount of sources saying various things, just like what IFC will provide upon asking us. YouTube reviews will have different opinions too, and now I wouldn’t say it is bad to check up on what’s to come in the future for you, but in the end, you’ll obviously say something different about the product (aircraft/airline), service and etc… then what others say.

So in my honest opinion, it is not that worth making a thread here about “what should I expect, etc…”, since in the end of the day, what to expect is what you make out of the journey, what kind of crew you meet that day, and how well everything else flows, like the schedule for the flight, the weather and whatnot that will ultimately also affect your flight experience no matter what aircraft or airlines you fly with.

And that goes to say for certain airports you’re flying to for the first time as well. Every day is a new day, and every new day, has something new to bring to the table, so what to expect, is what you make it out to be.


Agreed. Perhaps some should open themselves up to surprise, or simply Google it…

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Exactly. The majority of the time, users who have created these kinds of topics, indicated that they already purchased their airfare for this airline. It’s common sense to look up reviews of the airline they’re flying, especially if it’s for the first time) to best gauge their options.

If I say negative things about you flying United Airlines, will that entice you to cancel your airfare and fork over the egregious cancellation fees? Probably not. It’s pointless to ask for opinions if you’ve already made your decision.

Do you buy a product on Amazon then read the customer reviews after?


I’m so glad someone said it! I’m getting tired of these as well!


I hate to say there’s some aviation-related content that clogs up the the forum but sadly it’s true. If you can find something easily on google or YouTube then it does not need to be posted on here.

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This is gonna be long, yes, it’s one of my famous essay’s that is back, so grab some snacks while you read it all ;)

I was thinking something like, surely a review will give you a perception about what’s to come. A way to sort of, preparing yourself, but inevitably, experiencing for yourself is the only way to determine whether the product is good or not, according to your preferences.

In general, when asking, what to expect, you are searching for an answer that will make you feel like, you have some background knowledge, the basics down, to know what is about to come. So you have some kind of confidence.

Often time, we like to look up reviews and such or products, to have an idea of what we are buying, so we confidently, can purchase it and not regret it later. As for when asking about what to expect onboard a plane or airlines you’ve never flown with, one is trying to find some kind of positivity, that will make them more confident in flying with what they’ve booked.

That’s a great example, Nathan. It’s like if one were to share opinions of something, and it doesn’t appeal to the one asking, they’ll have second thoughts, but if you have made up your mind, then it is you who already, within yourself who knows what you want to do. Then I’d say go for it and don’t human factor change it. Because by asking, for our opinion once you’ve already booked that flight, cheap or expensive, doesn’t matter, because as you have purchased the tickets, that automatically, does imply that you are willing to go on your journey, but it is the uncertainty and unknowing feeling of what’s to come next that you’re worried about, which why most people tend to ask for advice and opinions regarding whether they should actually buy this product or try out this service.

It is a kind of fear, not really that you’re scared but we humans like know what we are getting into, and at some point, even after going through the purchasing part and all, we may feel hesitant, as it is then, during the time between buying a ticket and actually embarking on your journey / ordering a meal and receiving the food / ordering a product online and receiving it.

It’s the time in between, as you’re waiting to finalize what you already set your foot in where we kind of feel less confident, which where and why the, “what to expect” question arise.

I’ll say one simple thing to everyone who is thinking or planning on making such a thread because they are uncertain of their up and coming flight as it is the first time they try something different then what they are used, something outside their comfort zone.

Don’t take a step back now, keep moving forward, by doing something new, and unlike previous times, you will find beauty in exploring something you never knew of.

Honestly, try it out. Fly ANA, United, JAL, EVA Air, JetBlue, Emirates, Brussels Airlines, Biman Bangladesh, Air India, Fiji Airways, SAS, The A330-200, 787-10, 777-200LR, A340-300, and then tell us in your final trip report, how it was.

  • Was it fun?
  • Did you enjoy it?
  • What was good and bad?
  • Were the product and service different from the reviews and your expectations?

It is what you experience and makes it out to be, that is to expect. We can give you what we think and feel, based on our taste, our personality, our experience, but you yourself got to embark on the journey to find out, whether it meets your standard or not. It’s about YOU, and not US :)


Not to mention that users can use the search function later on to find trip reports by other users.


Just go on YouTube! Someone has probably reviewed the product before.

So it seems the consensus is that the topics themselves should most definitely be closed, with those creating new ones being asked to utilize the internet?

While I understand one’s goal on asking the forum about a specific aircraft/airline, and how the IFC probably has several users that have flown on this certain aircraft the user is asking about, in my opinion it would save a lot of time to just make a search and read through the hundreds of videos and articles provided for your convenience.

Just my input 😉


99% of the time, flights will consists of the following:

Of course, specifics vary from airline to airline (legroom, food service, and average delay times for example) but a through a simple google search, anyone can find this information. I feel that these topics are rather repetitive and don’t spark much meaningful discussion. I definitely agree while not a huge issue, it is still something should be addressed.


Agree Maxim-Google is your friend when it comes to these things.

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