Addon support for IF?

I think it would be a great idea if the developers added support for custome addons that players could add such as scenery (when scenery is a thing) , new liveries for existing planes or whole new planes.

What do you think ? Also there is a poll below

  • Yes - this is a good idea
  • No - i dont like this

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This is already being done with desktop simulators. The addons are made by third party groups such as aerosoft.

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Not to be blunt, but I guess this topic mainly shows that you don’t know what the things you are suggesting would entail.
In the current form of IF it would be impossible. Especially with Live.
It’s not a desktop sim. It’s a moblie sim, so limited resources for starters.
There are many topics about why certain things are impossible.


Well I kinda know. You could allow people to have a folder in they’re phone such as under Android → com.fds.if . I know that this will limit it to android but it’s very much possible @Jan

And in that folder you could place the files and then the game would read it as a add on. Not that complicated @Jan

The question is:
What are the iOS users seeing?

That might be the case.

Just a couple of questions from the top of my head though:

  • How much RAM will be needed?
  • How much processing power will be needed?
  • On what percentage of all devices currently running IF would it be possible?
  • Will it be stable?
  • If it’s not stable, who’s at fault?
  • How will it impact IF in other ways?
  • What will happen in Live?
  • What will happen after updates?

I can go on.
I don’t think FDS would ever take chances like that.

But it would be nice.
Maybe for a future desktop version?


I would like it but we Need then BETA testers to test the liveries and the liveries Need to be perfect. No fake or bad quality liveries.

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Scenerie and liveries are a yes, but no on other aircraft. The aircraft generate a large amount of profit for IF. This would be neat though.

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I love it!! Would be highly excited if this happened.

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No way, how can third-party add-ons work with the iOS app store system expressly prevents that?

As I said it might have to be limited to android

I’d say this is the smallest of worries, as there are ways around this.

The question we need to ask is what content we want to see exactly? Bear in mind that Infinite Flight does not support buildings or other 3D objects properly, etc. so add-on scenery wouldn’t do much (plus we already have a form of this through the Airport Editing project).

Aircraft: sure, it would be nice, but as Jan said, there are still limitations on mobile, especially in the context of Live, rendering multiple objects at the same time. All add-on liveries would need to be standardised (same format, same resolution - this is why custom liveries now are against the T&Cs). I’d also say it’s a bit premature to add custom aircraft.


as i said this could be added when 3d objects are added to IF. Yea there is the airport editing project but atm you are only working on airports.

I think this could be done with some simple guielines and rules. there could be a test team made of beta testers or the IF developers. Id say its never premature to add some great features to a game.


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I’ve done some resarch and this is allready possible in some not so legal ways. As I said by accessing the files when you are not ment to , but I suggested to be allowed to acces the aircraft folder and then upload addons. It’s possible on ios as well

@Adrien I think ios users can use iTunes or whatever other is on they’re computer to accessibility their files

The big thing with liveries is that there is a master list of what files correspond to what livery. If you suddenly start adding custom liveries, there would be no way to keep everything lined up across all the devices in Live, resulting in a lot of white generic planes.

Compromises have to be made 🙄

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of an addon livery if everyone is just flying around in white planes?

Yes that’s true. Idk how do desktoplane simulators do it for example?