Additional wheels on Air India A320

Hi I am requesting that a set of wheels be added to the Air India A320, because it would make that a bit more realistic and it would be the coolest A320 in the game.



I could not find another topic like this so if there is I’m sorry it was probably just what I searched

the last opened topic i could find was in 2017…

Ok, if it’s closed then we are fine but if not I can flag it

Hey can you link it here.

hang on i found another one

last active 26 days ago

This one was made just over 3 weeks ago Air India A320 Four wheel main landing gear

Edit: @Madison 😡 😂

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Darn ok, I will flag this then. I tried finding one but I couldn’t

These aircrafts no longer operate for Air India.
All A320’s that operate for Air India today have a single bogey landing gear.

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i am speed @NoahM

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