Additional Information on Flying an ILS Approach

I decided to create this post to give some additional information on flying ILS approaches, on top of the tutorial already available on the forum. I am linking to a YouTube video by Captain Joe, a real life Airbus A320 pilot, who gives a very good explanation on how to fly ILS approaches, including some additional information on speeds, calculations, and compensation for wind.

As a side note, as I have seen many forum posts saying that the autoland feature “doesn’t work”, I would like to reiterate that you should only engage APPR once you are established on the ILS, meaning you are in line with both the localizer and the glideslope.

I hope this helps some of you perfect your approaches, especially our newer pilots.

Safe and happy landings!


Love Captain Joe! I hope this helps new pilots to have safe a smooth landings!


Great video - thanks for sharing! He has an amazing channel for all aviation enthusiasts.

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True, I Captain Joe is simply awesome. A mistake know for all about geeks. I’ll definitely take a look at this vid, though I’m quite confident with my ILS apprs (I’ve watched a lot of his vids, but he has like a million more!)

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