Additional Free Cams/Drones for ATC Sessions


Additional Free Cams/Drones would allow the controller to set up different views around the airport, giving him or her quick access to a specific area of the Ramp, Runway or Taxiways.

Field of Use:

Especially when opening large airports it isn´t always possible to see every area of the airport from the Tower view (this is even more of an issue at 3D airports). In the real world this is countered by setting up additional Towers or Cameras at different parts of the airport. Being able to set up these views to then quickly switch to the area you´re currently working would help controllers in many different ways:

Additional Information:

  • The ATC Menu currently offers a Free Cam, however, this re-sets itself as soon as a different view is selected.

  • As mentioned above we currently only have one of these cameras at our disposal

Would you benefit from this? If so, concider leaving a Vote.

I’m pretty sure this is a duplicate :(. Sorry Oskar

It is very much so. No idea how I missed it :)