Additional Frame Rate Options

I’d like to suggest additional settings for frame rate as I find the current limit too low and choppy, but also don’t want to use it unlimited and strain my device.

Ideally we could have options to cap it to 20FPS, 30FPS, 60FPS and unlimited for people with higher refresh rate displays i.e. iPad Pro, OnePlus 7, Pixel 4 etc.

I actually quite like this

There’s already such thing. Go to settings, and turn limit frame rate off. You will notice a big difference in frame rate.
The limit frame rate option will have a check mark in it. And it looks like 30FPS, click it and turn it off, and it looks like 60FPS however there’s only two options, on or off.

Not even the most expensive computers have unlimited FPS. Any hand held device would probably explode/over heat immediately considering they get hot at 60FPS… So essentially two choices 30/60FPS now if you have frame rate off when on ground to when you get in the air, your device will heat up a little but when you turn it off and everything at cruise it’ll cool down, i do it on every flight and haven’t had many issues


I don’t know if they can do that because of the way they receive data from the server but I’m not sure

is it actually fixed at 30? I’ve heard from somepoeple that turning off limit FR on ground can reduce fps lag so I though it might be limiting cpu usage or something like that.

When i turn it off, the game runs smooth, and just feels faster, from my experiences anyways, it could use a tune up yes

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You understood it all wrong. When I say unlimited I’m literally talking about turning the FPS limit off, just like it says in the settings menu you kindly took a screenshot of.

Any machine can have unlimited FPS, it just means it will push for the highest frame rate it can achieve, that why it heats up. It won’t explode because of a thing called thermal throttling, but if you’re on a high-end tablet you can easily reach more than 60FPS on some games (e.g. Critical Ops runs at 120FPS on iPad Pro without any explosions). An FPS limiter is there to stop the machine from performing at its maximum and cap the game at a certain frame rate where the strain on the battery and SoC will be far smaller.

So, what I meant with my post is that this current limit (which we don’t even know how many FPS is as I’ve never seen anyone confirm that it’s 30FPS like you say and it definitely feels like less than that) might be too low for some, while turning this limit off is also too much of a compromise on battery life.

Maybe a middle ground could be reached where we have the option to choose between different limits or no limit at all.


Yep agree runs like butter but if u have bad internet it’s choppy

A lot of screens like iPhone screens are only rated for 60hz (meaning 60fps or 60 refreshes per second) while the newest iPad Pros can go up to 120hz so it’d be a lot to make sure people don’t use the wrong settings for the wrong device. Still though, good idea with some modification

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