Additional commands for Infinite Flight

I want to hear your opinion on the commands on IF.
Something like the new one you want to tell ATC or aircraft but there’s no options to click now.

For me to make it more realistic,
I want a clearance for starting engine command.

Also the one for holding the taxi line signs and
taxing to particular parking spot.


I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but you definitely do not need to ask permission to start your engines in the United States.

Sometimes you will need to ask permission to push back (if you are pushing back onto an active taxiway) but for the most part, ramps are uncontrolled. Here is a shocker for a lot of Infinite Flight pilots — in the real world, you can taxi in the ramp without talking to ATC. That’s right, I could technically spawn into a fully staffed KMEM and taxi around FedEx’s cargo area without talking to a single controller in Infinite Flight. 😋


I’m pretty sure pilots do request a push and start. The engine start kind of works it’s way in to it.

I’ve heard “push and start” comms on radio before. At my home airport, I’ve listened to a JBU A320 ask to start and engine and be denied by ground due to other aircraft.

Edit: Turns out I’m not smart and forgot to mention that aircraft at my airport push onto an active taxiway.


I would agree on, ATC telling them to taxi to a certain gate because you don’t know where the international gates or other gates would be if your not familiar with the airport

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At my airport ATC does not tell Aircraft when to start, I do. Halfway down the J line on pushback I will say “Clear to spin”.


Then most likely aircraft at your home airport push back onto an active taxiway. Again, it all depends on the airport.

Update: After reviewing KBDL’s airport diagram, I can confirm my previous statement. Aircraft would push back directly onto taxiway sierra.

Edit: You are very smart @Will_A, and don’t let my unintentionally passive aggressive reply change that. 🙂

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Exactly! If we had ramp control and actual ground crew in Infinite Flight, it would be a completely different story.


that sounds like teh most uninteresting thing to control on ATC… haha


I don’t know if it’s possible already, but requesting different progressive taxi direction because ATC is directing you to the wrong gates. I’ve parked at the wrong terminal at FNF because of this once

Interestingly, I brought this up with some IFATC people a few days ago.

Basically, I read an article that @Maxmustang posted regarding when it is appropriate to report “unable.” From what I hear, pilots mainly use the option to disregard perfectly reasonable commands.

Anyway, at the bottom, I found this:

What I got out of this is an added option to the unable button. For example, if a pilot reports unable, they’ll be required to say why, and given the options of “terrain,” “traffic,” etc.

I feel like this new add on would definitely improve pilot communication with ATC, and help weed out the ones who just want to follow their flight plan.


I don’t see much point in this, the reason why aircraft need clearance for engine start is to avoid ground crew being near while the engine is starting. Yes it would be more realistic, since there is no ground crew in IF, all it would do is put unnecessary workload on the controllers, especially you need to consider that the featured airports on the ATC schedule have unrealisticlly high volumes of traffic

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