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1-Tower-ATC and Approach-ATC Internal Communication.
-Issue: Neither of the Tower or Approach know whether the airplane is on any frequencies. They would either keep sending “On-Guard” messages while the poor pilot is already on the other frequency, or they just leave him unattended under wrong assumptions.
-Solution1: Add the ATC frequency to the pop-up window. So, when Tower/Approach click on the airplane, they can see if he is on any other frequencies.
-Solution2: Add new colors to airplanes when connected to specific ATC Operators. Maybe Yellow for Tower, and Green for Approach.

2-Tower-ATC and Ground-ATC Internal Communication.

-Issue: Even though the Tower has picked specific runways for take-off/landing, the Ground keeps directing the departures to another runway or the other end of the runways that you do not confirm of. Same goes with when the approach sends arrivals to a runway you do not clarify.
-Solution1: The Tower-ATC operator click on the open end of the active runway (that he/she has picked), and that runway end’s color change into a Blue color, or an extra note can appear next to that runway end, say “Active”.
-Solution2: When we click on the airport icon, in the Runways section of the pop-up window, e can see the active runways as the ATC-Tower has picked.


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I thought these were already addressed in the other thread. Not sure a need for a repeat.

#1.You can see the frequency the plane is connected to already today.

#2 more of a ts1 issue because controllers don’t take the time to look at existing flow. Wind can shift and it’s up to atc to determine which runway to use. Which is why we may still use a red runway depending on the winds.


#1- Well, maybe I had to add the possibility to ask the other ATC to give the plane to you as the other ATC.

#2- In a big airport, especially with runways too far apart, it is hard to allow airplanes taking off and landing at any runway they want, especially when the airport is crowded. So, out of 4-6 runways you might only direct all the planes to 2 runways, and so it is very helpful to have the option to let the other ATCs (Ground and Approach) get it, as it might be hard sometimes for the other ATCs to guess that.

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