Additional Aircraft Animations

Infinite flight is by far the best mobile simulator in my opinion with global, multiplayer flight and incredible physics. As you can see this feature is based on aircraft animations. There aren’t any issues with the current animations, in fact they are really good. However, i feel there could be a lot more minor additions to them. My ideas are as follows:

  • Wing animation improvements such as spoilers slightly rise when turning in flight and horizontal stabiliser movement
  • Simple crash animations (visible to pilot only to prevent server disruptions)
  • Wing surface clouds on takeoff (depending on the weather)
  • Aircraft contrails (again, visible to pilot only)
  • Push back tug animation
  • Heat shimmer / mirage caused by the heat of running engines when stationary

Obviously, not all of these features have to be included and are physical aircraft animations, but it would be nice to see some of these features in infinite flight just to add that extra bit of realism.
Please vote if you agree!

That’s a straight no-no. I think Laura said in one of the devstreams that IF is flight simulator, not crash simulator, so no crash animation will be added

That will require too much development and then too much resources for such a minor feature.

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Okay… its just an idea 🤷🏻‍♂️

Lolll ive scrolled and scrolled through features and not seen these. Thanks for pointing these out…

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I’m pretty sure that takes a lot of effort, but when project metal comes we hopefully will see this (:

Hopefully… i cant wait

Just a heads up for future reference, you can also search keywords using the magnifying glass and that will bring up results.

For example you can search ‘pushback’ and feature requests relating to pushbacks will appear.

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