Addition of the Krueger flap on the 777 wing

Hello, since the 777 came out I notice many missing things like for example the rudder doesn’t fully deflect like real life and the one that I’m here to talk about, the 777 since the first version it has a little panel better called
Krueger flap right next of the engines (regardless the type), this is a missing feature on the current 772ER and this cannot miss for the -300ER, so I’m taking this opportunity to add this missing feature.

This is not an attack to the hard work of the 3D artists

Here I leave you examples…


I can see this as a little thing, but I don’t believe this is something that is urgent or to be needed in the game like right away, but I can see this is the future, maybe it can come in 20.2 if and devs see this


Details matter, I hope they see this and add them as you say in the 20.2 update 😉


Interesting feature request, and make sure vote for your own feature btw!

This is a known issue and has been reported earlier.