Addition of Squawk codes

I think this implementation would make the user experience more realistic and more entertaining as well as helpful for the ATC to identify planes. I have thought that on top of where the ‘systems’, ‘nav’ and ‘AP’ is where another tab named ‘transponder’ could be placed. Here you could have the option to squawk ‘ident’, ‘alt’ or ‘standby’ as well as transponder modes A,C,S. Not only that, you would be able to put in the squawk the same way you would put your altitude, heading… etc, by scrolling up and down to get the desired number.

The way that this would work is that after telling your intentions to the departure controller, they tell you to ‘squawk 7201’.

Also, because of all of this, it would be possible and much easier to add this what is discussed in this thread.

As I think this addition could be a little bit complicated for new players, I think that It could only be added in the expert server, as by the time the players have reached there, they will have had acquired the experience to understand the aircraft, therefore being able to have new things implemented to their experience.

I support this! + voted

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That would be realism at its best!

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