Addition of Refueling Time and Refueling Truck

Credits: Redirect Notice

Hello, pilots!

Have you ever thought about how it would be more realistic and engaging if the refueling process in Infinite Flight were more detailed? Currently, we simply select the desired amount of fuel and that’s it. But what if we could add an extra layer of realism, including refueling time and even a refueling truck?

Idea Details:

  • Refueling Time: When selecting the desired amount of fuel for the aircraft, a corresponding refueling time would be introduced. For example, for each liter of fuel added, there would be a small waiting time until refueling is completed. This would add an extra layer of realism to the pre-flight preparation process.
  • Refueling Truck: To accompany the refueling time, the addition of a refueling truck would be a great way to visualize the process happening in real-time. Imagine seeing the truck approaching the aircraft, connecting the refueling hose, and starting the process, all while you prepare for your flight.

How It Would Work:

  • When accessing the pre-flight preparation menu, pilots would have the option to select the desired amount of fuel.
  • After confirming the fuel quantity, the corresponding refueling time would be calculated and displayed.
  • While the refueling time is in progress, pilots could visualize the refueling truck approaching the aircraft and performing the procedure.
  • Once refueling is completed, pilots would be ready to start their flight with the necessary fuel.

Possible Additions:

  • Refueling Sound: Including a refueling sound during the process could add even more realism to the experience. The sound of fuel flowing into the aircraft’s tank while the refueling truck works would be an immersive detail for pilots.

Community Appeal:

I would like to request the support of all Infinite Flight pilots for this incredible idea! With refueling time and the refueling truck, our flight experience would become even more realistic and engaging. If you agree that this addition would be a valuable enhancement to the simulator, please vote for this idea!

Let’s make this idea a reality together!

you got my vote


You’ve got mine! Excellent idea. This would also be helpful to stop people on ES pushing back as soon as they spawn in.


I wound love to have more ground services and vehicles.
Like in the picture above, a lot goes into preparing an aircraft for flight and a fuel truck would make an great addition.


Why was my topic hidden? there is nothing wrong with it!, who hid it and I want to know why!

yes, it would really be great to have more vehicles on the ground and other ground services

thanks for voting

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Let’s get 20 votes guys!

Voted, really hoping this gets put in the future

I got it to 20 votes