Addition of Nautical Miles to ATC reminder logic

I am requesting for additional logic to be added to the reminder functionality. Currently pilots can tune into approach frequencies pretty far out and a reminder would be helpful to keep track of those inbound. The same reminder can be especially helpful for tower controllers as well when approach is not present.

Logic to be Added

  • Add logic to the reminder function to include the option for natutical miles. I am not asking to follow the plane’s flight plane and gauge distance,(unless that is easier programmatically) I simple want imaginary circles around the airspace that will alert me when a plane of my choosing has crossed into one.
  • These can be tweaked but I was suggesting a max of three ranges. 65, 50, 35 NM. (Yes the screen shot says different but it is for concept only)
  • Currently reminders can only be added to a plane that is on your frequency. I am also asking that reminders be allowed to be added to planes both on and off your frequency. This would only apply to unicorm frequencies and not active frequencies. For example, if a plane is talking to approach, you cannot set a reminder. However if you are tower and the plane is not on an active frequency and approach is not available, then you can set a reminder. The goal here is to give tower a little more awareness into inbound planes further than 25 miles out.


  • For approach this will help manage people who are still far out from the frequency range.
  • For tower this can help with avoiding the surprising pilot who appears at 25NM out at 20,000. You may not be able to contact them far out, but you can at least know they are there and have a plan in your head for when they can talk to you.
  • It encourages the controller to scan their airspace by pressing on planes and seeing who in inbound to them.


  • This has no impact to pilots in any way.
  • This may add to more on-guarding as controllers want to talk to people they see inbound.

Pretty useful I think, but…

again any votes left

Great idea Chris! I think having NM and time would help controllers greatly.

Good one! Its probably not hard to implent its easy to use and after all really handy! You got my vote!