Addition of IFES as a callsign in IF

Hello I am the head of escort management in IFES and I would like to suggest that the callsign IFES be added to the app

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Isn’t this already possible in the “General Aviation” section? IFFG is a special case - it was added a long while back when it was the only fan group. I doubt they’ll add minor groups like yours, but worth the shot asking. :)


If they did this they’d have to add all custom VAs which I think would be cool but probably a lot of work.


I know but as it stands we are the only va to provide escorts to pilots and events

Do you want everyone can use IFES callsign without IFES approval? No

Bad idea. Wait for VA integration on IF is the solution.


True you have a good point

Can you close this topic please?

Why do you want it closed? There’s no need to close it - this is a valid feature request.