Addison Airport needs to Be fixed

Addison airport is The closest airport to my house and also a large regional private airport
From North Dallas and the surrounding area
However it is not realistic at all it has no real taxiways in game and only has the runway and no parking stands The airport has three fixed based operators and a number of flight schools as well as being a hub for many charter airlines Addison Airport - Wikipedia
This airport was opened in 1954 and had one fatal crash in 2019image

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Hi, Ethan! Thanks for the report. The Infinite Flight Airport Editors all work voluntarily which is why they are mostly free to choose which airports they edit – they usually don’t work based on requests. Someone may choose to edit it or you can edit it yourself! Interested in joining the team? See below!


Actually I created this to bring this report to their attention

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thats nice of you, however they usually dont take requests unfortunately, as @lucaviness allelready mentioned

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While the team appreciates the, uh, enthusiasm, bringing airports to our attention in this manner is usually pretty ineffective. We have a large number of maps and lists internally to help us prioritize airports all over the world. This airport does happen to fit into a project of team supervisor @Ecoops123, so I would expect this airport to come at some point in the future. Can’t give an exact date though. :)


I’ve looked at this airport a couple times before, and skipped through it, although will be sure to look back on it some point in the future.

I’m definitely wanting to edit it, as a friend has asked me to before now, and plus it’s the base of a VA (Surf Air Virtual), so wouldn’t want to let down the VA from exploring the world in their path.

I’ll see what I can do when I next look back on it 😄

See this post. :)


OK thanks it’s just really sad that the current airport it’s just a Runway with a little “taxiway”to the side because it is one of the largest general aviation airports in North Texas

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On a less technical note, while I personally like honoring simple requests when people ask nicely, that can set a bad precedent and cause me to drown in a sea of requests. I hope that you can understand that balance.