Addis Ababa to Vancouver! (Ethiopian Airlines A359)

I always tend to do unrealistic long / ultra long hauls whenever I take a break from realism. I flew from Ethiopia for a change with Ethiopian’s A359 to Vancouver in Canada!

Route: HAAB 🇪🇹 - CYVR 🇨🇦
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 15hrs 19mins


I saw you parked yesterday, that might actually be me in the first picture. I like the 4th picture alot.

I was on my way to Entebbe, not that anyone cares though lol

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The aircraft you see in the first pic was headed for Entebbe so that is indeed you! Hope you had a good one!

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Lovely photos! I’d be curious to know how much passenger demand there is for this route (I know it doesn’t exist irl, but maybe there’s potential in the distant future?)

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Thanks Snoman and I honestly don’t know…For a starter, does Ethiopia fly to Canada? If they do then I can see them potentially expanding and grab a slot in Vancouver considering the fact that it acts as a gateway to the West Coast in the States (LAX, SFO etc.)

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They fly to Toronto