Addis Ababa to Los Angeles B777LR

Good morning/ good evening/ good afternoon! A few months ago I flew the Boeing 777LR from HAAB🇪🇹 to KLAX🇺🇸. This flight took 16 and a half hours so no issue for the LR. This is one of my favourite flights because you depart from an airport with a high elevation with a heavy loaded aircraft and nice scenery.

Information about this flight;

• Server: Expert server
• Aircraft: Boeing 777-200(LR)
• Livery: Ethiopian airlines
• Route: HAAB🇪🇹 to KLAX🇺🇸
• Cruise speed: Mach 0.84
• Cruise altitude: fl320 - fl340 - fl360 - fl380 - fl400
• Flight time: 16 hours and 47 minutes

At the gate at HAAB🇪🇹.

Blasting out of HAAB.

Sunset as we cross the border of Ethiopia 🇪🇹 and Sudan 🇸🇩.

Above the alps.

Sunrise above Iceland 🇮🇸.

Above Canada 🇨🇦.

Mountains 🏔.

Air to air photography.

Arrived at KLAX🇺🇸.

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Nice photos!

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Thank you!!!

Great topic! Loved the night shot

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Great Pictures!

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Thank you!

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