Adding wing flex to all aircraft

Strictly out of curiosity,
would it be a huge amount of work to add wing flex to all dating aircraft before they’re reworked like they did on the 747-8? I’m wondering cause it would make the experience much more enjoyable, and personally would make me want to fly the 767, A340 or A380 much more.

Thank you!

The thing is that they added wing flex to the B747-8i because they made a collaboration with National Geographic for the new Air Force 1 livery documentary. That wasn’t an intentional rework aimed to the game, but finally has been released to the public.


When the wind gusts are high, the aircraft wings do move.

There’s a difference between that and wing flex.


I know what he means, I was just saying what the closest thing to it was.

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Yes and over time as these aircraft are reworked you can expect them to have flappy wings