Adding Vibration To IF

Hello IFC. I have a proposal to add this to IF which could enhance your experience with the simulator by adding vibrations.

This could be great and here are some instances where it can be used:

  1. Medium to Heavy turbulence.

  2. Light Vibration when doing an engine start with the reworked Aircraft.

  3. During take off roll. ( works great as you hear some clanging in the background when in interior mode)

  4. The best out of all
    When you touch down on the runway. ( the more vibration the harder the landing was)

I know not all devices have the vibration motor in but i still strongly believe that this feature can be enjoyed with other devices,

Challenges: Since not everyone wont know how smooth or how hard your landings be we can counter act by adding a vibration scale when you land and when you are in the air.

Theres alot we can add/ configure this feature.

NOTE time of writing I am not aware if there was a topic created before this feature… and i put the topic as General because im unable to put it as Feature…

Let me and the IFC know what you think about this feature and more points you would like to add.

Thanks For Your Time


Hey there, this should be a #features request. Unfortunately, as your not TL2 yet you can’t post in it. Keep on liking and posting, you’ll get there soon!
And for when you hit TL2 , you may request this. I advise looking at the category rules to give you more of an idea of how to format it in advance for the future:

Credit @Kedz


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