Adding to subscription

Hello, I was going to add a couple of months to my live+ subscription (ends in may) but i cant figure out how to add more months. Do i have to wait till my current subscription it is over? Thank you

You can’t add. If you buy one now, you’ll only get 12 months. Just wait until your subscription ends.

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Go to the website to add

I think you can add actually. I believe this was discussed on the “Global is on short final thread”.

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Ok thank you for the help

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Can you show me where someone said that

If you do it through the website I think it’ll stack. @Danman bought 5?

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Hello! Please go to this Website and you should be able to add a subscription(s) Just log in to you IF account and press “Upgrade/Renew” :)


Ok that works great thank you

I didn’t buy 5, I bought exactly 1. 😁


Close enough lol, it was a bit of an overkill 🙃

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