Adding to a free western region

Hello Everybody! I think that there should be an addition to the free regions in Infinite Flight. I know that it cost money for the developers to add free regions, but as someone who has played the game a lot with and without a subscription I can see both sides of the argument. When we have subscriptions it is easy to say that solo mode is a great deal and nothing should be added (It is definitely a great deal), but like any game, a limited area it can become a little stale. I have a few solutions that would add to the solo mode experience to those without a subscription.

Right now, the longest flight that I have found in solo mode that is a commercial flight is SAN-SMF in the California region, the flight takes about 1 hour.

Option 1
As I stated, the longest flight is only 1 hour, if the developers opened up the Seattle to California region that would add an amazing amount of possibilities and flights, from Portland to LA, to Seattle to the Bay Area and many more. This would add the ability of hundreds of hours and dozens of flights that could keep even the most seasoned pilots interested. Obviously there is a large region of the California and Oregon border that would need to be opened so this would cost Infinite Flight Money.

Option 2
Currently the 2 most interesting free regions in my opinion is the California and Hawaii regions. I understand that opening the Seattle to California regions could cost money so, if the Hawaii and California regions could be connected that would be arguably the biggest change in IF since global. This may sound like a monumental cost, but the only thing that separates the regions is water. (I don’t know anything about video game coding, so correct me if I’m wrong) but this doesn’t seem like it would be a huge cost to the game. Imagine all of the possibilities of West Coast to Hawaii 4 and a half hour flights. This seems like a possible cheaper solution for the game instead of opening the Seattle region.

Option 3
Currently in the Expert Server we have featured airports and Friday Night Flights. I think it would be cool if every week or every Friday a region was opened that is featured for the solo players. Even more furthering this, a certain plane or livery could be featured every week or once a week. For example, for one day they could open the Russia region where the FNF is today as I’m typing this And also open the Dash-8 Yakutia livery. Obviously they wouldn’t open the whole country, just a small area. This would cost money for developers so they could either feature a new region for one week or for one day per week.

Let me know your thoughts on this!

You can make it 2 hours if you go half as fast.


But on a serious note, yes only being to do flights which are around 1 hour sucks but that’s the whole point. If they give you more regions then it defies the point of having a subscription based system. The only way they can pursuade you to buy a subscription is by implementing stuff like this which will make you want to buy a subscription.


Big brain time 🤯

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Hi, you can vote for this here;


Or being able to do that:

When you quit KSFO area you are send to KDEN area. Same altitude, speed, heading.