Adding this to IF

So I was thinking I know that IF has people that is ATC and then we have our pilots that flies in the skies.I think IF must also get Ground people that drives ground vehicles can like push back planes do.luggage do fueling and also drive airport vehicles and when the buildings are there you can get people to push the Jet walk ways to the would add so much realism then people can do so many things that they love on the game but I appreciate all the work that IF does and they’re doing a good job I can wait for when everything is added on the game but I respect the time and proses and the IF team is doing a great job at it.

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Hey there! All of those are amazing requests and I’m sure a lot of us would love to see this come. There are already existing topics that you can search up under the #features category. You can support these by voting for them which will show your support.

Cool idea! Add this to features (if you’re TL2).
It’d be fun to see when choosing airports that ground people are available.
Also in group flights I’d imagine a lot of thank yous gonna be given to ground operator IFC members after the event.

IF - community interactive sim!

Yeah I think it would be I cant wait to see all the realism that IF has in store for us and its gonna be so cool when the game has people flying working on the ground thx for all the cool updates that IF does.

Check out the #features category and vote for these ideas!