Adding the heart to the bottom of the Southwest planes

I know it was discussed months ago when the 2014 Southwest livery showed up on the 737-700. There was talk of not being able to put any graphics on the bottom of the planes. Many planes in IF now have logos and text on the bottom, rendering this excuse irrelevant. How hard would it be to add the ❤️ to the bottom of the plane like in real life?


Im not sure if they are going to spend $60 adding this but I would love to see it!

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One feature request per topic please! But great ideas anyway!

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Hi @Matt_McDonald , Pictures are not allowed in feature requests. Please remove it :)

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I have taken the picture out and removed the 738 comment. If you are wanting that in game, create a new feature request. Please refer to the feature request guidelines next time. Thanks!

There’s no way to add the heart on the 737s, the model is mapped via a planar map which means the further away rim the center of the fuselage you go towards the top and bottom, the more distorted it gets. In order to put the heart it would need to be redone to support a more complex map which currently is not a high priority.

Oh man. I read the first comment and I’m thinking “$60…That’s it, where do I write the check!” LOL But the explanation as to why it can’t be done I guess kills it. That’s a bummer. Thanks for the answer.

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Question/idea. I’m in the graphics business. Have been for 25yrs. Now a days I do nothing but installations (You’ve all seen cars wrapped, buildings and walls wrapped, etc) but one thing has never changed. There are times, from a design point of few, that graphics are purposely distorted so when we’re done installing them they look perfect. Or we will install something crooked to give it the appearance it’s straight based on the design. Why couldn’t the heart be distorted prior to being placed on the plane? So once placed it physically looks perfect and not distorted. Are tricks like this even possible on these computer airplane models? <—I don’t even know the name of it. 😉

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I don’t think that would work because as you near the bottom the pixels get stretched basically to infinity so it would look like a blob.

You can see an overlay from the mesh itself on the texture for an aircraft I have made and you can see how the bottom the polygons become narrower and narrower when in 3D they are all the same.

**Usual disclaimer, this isn’t a current IF project that I previewed.


Makes sense. You do these planes in Photoshop? Thought it was a special program.

The textures for the planes are done in Photoshop then exported and compiled for IF. The planes themselves are made in a 3D modeling program like 3DSmax

So how do the letters on the landing gear come out?

The gear doors are mapped on a separate plane that is directly in line with the bottom of the aircraft so you can add text.

So cool. I’d love to learn how to do this. I know Photoshop. Been using it almost 20 years regularly. But the 3D part would be cool to learn. Like to be done and say “Yeah, I made that jet.” It would be cool. (Note: It would be a Gulfstream 650, Cessena Citation CJ4 or Lear 35. Yes we need more private jets in IF😉)

That’s true I think they should add the 😍

He is just requesting the heart and nothing else.

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Is that how textures are made?

Ryan. Now that they 318-19 are out. The Qutar one has the logo on the bottom. Is this because of the way these are made compared to the way the 737 is made? Allowing logos on the bottom for some planes and not on others?

Matt that is correct, some of the new planes are mapped differently on the bottom to allow logos.

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Me like this idea!

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