Adding some more realism!

I see a lot of 747-800 and a380 depart from KSAN to KLAX in the Southern California region. I’m almost curtain you wouldn’t see that in real life aviation. Most flights from LAX to SAN are usually E175. Please explain this to Me

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If we were to stick with that we would have no where to fly the bigger aircraft!


You could fly a 757 KLAX-KSAN, a 737 KLAX-MMTJ, a 777-200ER WMKK-WSSS, and maybe some other routes.
These are real.


Some people fly realistically, others don’t, that’s just the way it is…


It’s called Infinite Flight for a reason!


You can take a 787 into ksan. I seen JAL land there this summer when I was on vacation

Well, I can honestly say that I have done that. But that’s only because I know that a super could land in LAX. Therefore, I am already being realistic. However, we have to start somewhere, right? & unfortunately, since we do not have “merged regions”, is most likely why you often see this.

Does that make sense?


Even though this always bugs me you kind of have to understand since the regions are so small and not everyone on here cares about keeping it realistic. Once we get larger regions, can fly between regions or have Global flight this issue (if you consider it one) will probably fade away.

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Good case scenario.

Best case scenario.
And besides, if people payed for the aircraft, they have the right to use it as they want to.

this is an interesting thread which shows which realistic routes, using which aircraft can be used in IF at present.

Am sure that now the Dash8 has been added some new routes can be included!

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