Adding on to SOCAL Region

Adding the SOCAL region with southern Nevada including (KLAS, Hoover Dam, Nellis AFB)


Yes, indeed. (All of Southern Nevada)

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Thats a little north of Nellis. Would be awesome if the Devs added that on. The bigger the better because I’ve flown the SOCAL region so much, but its my favorite so it would just be awesome to add on to it with at least south nevada.

And extend it over to southern Utah flying out KSGU in the morning the terrain here is crazy so many mountains.

Would be awesome if we could get St. George or even west utah in there too. I love St. George. Been there twice for chuck’o’rama haha

That’s where I live buddy hit me up the next time your here

You’re in St. George? Thats awesome! i went there with the Roadscholar group who were from St. George. We started in Vegas then Zion, Bryce, then the Grand Canyon. Was Awesome! and I’m a huge Blue Angels fan and this guy uploaded the “Thunder Over Utah” airshow in St. George and i screen recorded it. Love that town!

Yea I got some great photos of them while they where here. It’s a beautiful place I love it.

hey buddy, i wanna get some good screenshots that are worthy of posting for the contest when it comes around. You wanna do a flight for some pics?

I can’t tonight I’ve got to get up bright and early I fly at 0600 then work until 2000 I would love to some other time though.

No worries bud, have a good flight in the AM!

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I wish northern California (San Francisco) were larger - to include Sacramento and possible Lake Tahoe. The current region seems so small.


I agree, would love to add more to the regions cuz i don’t like reaching cruise ALT then descending a minute later.

I hope somehow NoCal and SoCal get combined. Many fun airports: KLAX, KSFO, KSJC, KOAK, KPSP, KSAN, KNUC, KVCV, KONT


Or California as 1!!

That would take a lot of memory from your device, maybe if the graphics were downgraded juristically, nit could be possible. I would love that!

Maybe region could load up, like mine craft 😂 no but that would help so you only need the area you are in. Also Santa barbara