Adding notes in the flight plan (map) page

Hi everyone,

When we are making flight plans for the flight, we can see the waypoints, est. time, distance and altitude for VNAV in the current interface of the flight plan (map) page.

I have a good idea, which is to add one more column about Note section in the flight plan (map) page.
There are many use cases for the note section:

  1. The take-off power settings.
  2. Flap settings need to be used for take-off, approach and landing.
  3. Climb/Decent Profile.
  4. Extra information which need to notice pilot during the flight.
  5. and more!

Until now, I am write these relative information on another device to help me to remember.
It will be really convenient if we can directly note them during flight in the IF.

Please feel free to comment below about what you want to note for your flight.

Safe flight!

Sounds like a great idea! this would admittedly help me alot, because I forget V speeds alot

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