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Hello, I have searched through the forums and have not been able to find an answer. Can anyone tell me how often IF introduces new planes? Is there any order to it or is it just random?

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They will often do multiple releases per year. Each release can include new aircraft and/or additional features.


Infinite flight has around 4 or 5 updates a year, the current update has taken a while due to the fact that many new features are coming and a very highly detailed 777 rework. =)


Sometimes FDS also introduces features that they said were never going to come in the next update but end up coming anyway, which is pretty awesome of them.

Otherwise, you can expect at least 1 or more a year :)

Hello IFC, I have looked through special liveries, and I don’t know when they can add some more planes??? I was looking at Alaska Airlines - Spirit of the Islands, Alaska Airlines - Salmon Thirty Salmon, Alaska Airlines - Disney’s Cars Livery, Sun Country Airlines - New Livery, and I have not seen those planes added so I would love to see the F-16 Thunderbirds F-18 Blue Angels, and the Royal Air Force Red Arrows added!!! Can someone please tell me when they release some new planes

Last Year they had 4 updates this year there’s an update coming up.

Are they doing all varients or just the -200ER?

They are adding all, but this update only 772 ER

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Ok, so the next is the 200F, then -200LR, and then the -300ER, but they will not take as long because they are all similar?

Just the -200ER for now, although the rest will come in an unclear order. My guess is -200LR after the ER

The truth is we don’t know. It will be announced though.

The devs have said prior that the reworked aircraft will be in no particular order. That means the 777F could be next, then the 77W, then the -200LR. Or the 77W could be next, then the 777F, then the -200LR. You get my point, yes?

Is the C-17 globemaster going to be reworked? Hopefully the devs will be able to add more planes in the C-17 globemaster. I also voted for the Southwest Lone Star One. Is it going to be added to the 700 series!!

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We don’t know, but you could always vote for it here:

I don’t have any more votes. Sorry, Next time I get votes. I will vote for this one Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework. I will get votes after the topic is closed.

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