Adding latitude/longitude manually to a flight plan

Greetings all! Hopefully this post finds everyone in good spirits and better health.

I am curious if there is a way to manually input latitude/longitude waypoints directly into a flight plan within Infinite Flight?
I know that flight plans generated by SimBrief or will insert lat/long waypoints into a flight plan, but you are pulling the route out of those resources.

To be even more exact, the waypoint I would like to add is: WikiMiniAtlas

22°20′06″N 114°11′04″E.

I’ve tried typing 2220N/11411E directly into the Infinite Flight search bar, with which ive had no luck establishing a waypoint with this process…

Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions? Thanks y’all!

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Check this out!

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Thank you so much! I’ve searched for the last two days and must have been phrasing my search incorrectly.

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First, it is degree decimal to enter in IF, not degree, minutes.
Second, you need to have a existing point in front an behind the coordinates When you enter them.
Your example:
VHHH 22.33N11418E GLN

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Thanks! I’m going to give this a shot this evening and see what success I have. The coordinates are for the checkerboard as you’re turning into Kai Tak.

It takes a bit of effort to put in but is totally worth it!
Good Luck :D

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