Adding Features to IF for Night Flying

I think currently flying in the night on IF is lacking many features that could otherwise make the experience a lot better. A couple features that could make it better is by including taxiway lights for the centerline and markings, guard lights both above and over pavement, and by adding more lighting around terminal buildings for 3D airports. Another idea would be to make the lights (maybe add taxi lights and wing lights) on the aircraft properly light up ground and on the plane itself therefore allowing the flyers to see things in front and also the to see the plane lit up i when viewed from outside. Lastly, adding more background light from “streets” and “cities” would help improve the departure and arrival experience . So, in general, I think by adding these features IF could be come even more realistic to not only other computer simulators but also real life flying. What do you think?


Hey there!

These features are in the works with Infinite Flight hoping to release them when ready. We all understand the frustration of flying at night but due to the complexity of adding night time lighting and different forms of lighting it will take some time for it to be 100% perfect.

I don’t know about city lights as nothing as been mentioned about them yet. But as always keep a eye out on their social media pages and #announcements for more information.


I can’t wait to see what the developers make!


This picture describes what I’m talking about for all new viewers:


That would put a lot of strain on lower end devices GPU though

Remember. infinite Flight tries their best to optimise for all devices. They won’t release a feature that only runs good on a iPad Pro. They will optimise it for a lot of devices which also contributes to why it is taking a lot longer than other features.


That’s very true. It’s very important to IF devs (and it should be important to everyone too) to make sure IF can still be accessible for some people who might only own an older phone.