Adding Events to Personal Calendar

Whenever I press the “+” button in Infinite Flight next to an event on the home menu, the “New Event” iOS menu comes up prompting me to enter information, and eventually add the event to my calendar. When I scroll down to “Calendar” (to pick which calendar it will add to) and tap it, it freezes, and Infinite Flight crashes a few seconds later. Reproducible 100%; can’t believe me or someone else didn’t find this sooner.

iPhone 5S
iOS 9.3 (13E5214d)


Affermative. Just tried it on the iPhone 6. Was able to reproduce it.


Also happens to me.
Iphone 5S

You’re all FIRED!


Thanks, I’ll take a look.


No problem, Señor Trump


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I can add the events to my calendar from my iPad mini no problem from the IF home page

And if you try to change which calendar you’re adding the event to?

I think i already made a topic about it @Swang007

I think this is the same bug:

Not the same; mine only crashes when I change the calendar it adds to.

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Ohh ok my foult