Adding Christmas hat to profile picture

I noticed a lot of users have added Christmas hats to their profile pictures. Is there any way I can do that too?

Toss your photo in an editor, not that hard really.

Some people may not like seeing everyone with a hat. Plus, not everyone celebrates Christmas. I don’t find it necessary, the pfp is enough if you just change it to something festive haha

Well you have it…
How can I do it?
I can’t find a small picture of a Christmas hat

Here you go Philippe. Enjoy


I used the app called PicsArt, then you can find a sticker with a Santa Hat.

Wait, doesn’t your PFP have multiple Santa hats 😂

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As mentioned above, any photo editor can do the trick and @Balloonchaser has provided a picture above that you can use.


Santa Claus and the team would like to apologise for any delays caused due to the Aussie Christmas Kangaroo being distracted by assisting others in participating in the Christmas Spirit.

The Aussie Christmas Kangaroo would like to hop that you all have an amazing festive season! 🦘