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Hello! this post is about adding different features for IF that might be too small to be an actual post, or could be as big to be a post. if you have one, say it down below with what it’s called and how you could potentially add it in. before you post your idea, make sure it’s not already on the post, or is already added confirmed, or already said not to be added. anyways, here’s some features, and write yours down below. btw, even if there’s an post about it, it’s fine to post.

Pacific Organised Track System (PACOTS) tracks are daily high altitude pacific routes between eastern Asia and the western coast of North-America. Eastward tracks are named numerically (1,2,3…). Similarly, westward tracks are named incrementally from the beginning of the alphabet (A,B,C…). Daily updates for each direction allow for routing around weather systems and tracking of favourable tailwinds to improve efficiency.
i think these should be added to IF because when i’m creating my own route across the pacific, it’s brutal to keep trying to get all the waypoints. and we already have the ones for the atlantic so i think it would be good to add the pacific one. the infinite flight team could use this but that would be very expensive and i bet someone could find a cheaper way. A second way to potentially do this is to make it less realistic. So you know how the North Atlantic tracks change off of IRL tracks, and how without them there is still waypoints?What if the IF team uses not the IRL tracks, but just use the waypoints across the pacific. So they don’t have to use the expensive Jeppesen maps, but use their own waypoints to make it. And the only thing is that it won’t go off of the real time current tracks, getting rid of some realistic parts. But in general, i would sacrifice realism over getting the Pacific Organised Track System in Infinite Flight.

vnav descends from preset altitudes that you could set in the navigation menu. but if you are lower than the preset altitude, you can’t activate it. i think you should be able to activate it when your below, and climb because when i use simbrief and convert it into an fpl that IF uses. once you get your plan and download it with preset altitudes, it’s annoying to climb each altitude and i think that would be very helpful. Also, it would make things more realistic as that is how it functions in real life. A pilot I talked to in the cockpit say that “We basically always have Vnav on” So, it would make thing realistic and make things easier for the pilot so they don’t have to manually climb the altitudes (as with the website I use to convert for long haul flights have lots of same altitudes to climb to). Along with that, it also comes with set speeds and it would be cool to be able to add preset speeds, and maybe automatically adjust to the speeds you set. the way the team could achieve making altitude changes is by using the same way they control descending and the same way they calculate the VS with a few changes. and i know they might be very complicated, but it would very positive for the community. to achieve the speed, the team could use the same system, with very complicated changes to find the needed power and the needed speed. another thing is they could change it to activate a little earlier so the VS isn’t to much a stalls the aircraft. i’ve also seen in the cockpit for adding preset speeds. like this:

in gates at airports, there’s sometimes a thing that says ‘737-800’ next to a line you can park in. i think it could be useful to add as some airports don’t have the screens to guide you to the gate. plus, for more realism, instead of having screens to guide you, there could be little people at major airports. and to not make it to hard for new players, it could be a setting to toggle on if you want more realism. and these could be placed at jfk, lhr, lax, and more so it would be a little easier to implement inside the game. they could do this by using the same system that IF uses for the other screen already to guide the player to the gate. but instead of using arrows to correct the player, the arms would move in the way the aircraft needs to move. it might be hard, but it would add that little realism in the game.

you know when your at remote gates or your average gate that you have services but when you detach them, they just sorta de spawn? well i propose an soliton. what if they use the white roads that are at the airports, and at a certain point they de spawn. This would be a little detail just to add for a little more realism and make flights just a little more fun. Another thing with ground services to add is pre-coming jet bridges. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any photos, but this is a real thing. What I mean by pre-coming jet bridges is when the jet bridge starts to come in when your starting to enter the gate. This would make quite a bit of people happy as the jet bridge would be there right as you enter the gate. This most of the time happens in real life as it would take too long for it to extend to the aircraft. And i know how in RL a person controls it instead of coding but i think this could work. What would happen is: First, the player will press the ‘PAX’ button right before the player would start to turn into the gate. The jet bridge would calculate where the plane is expected to be and start taking the jet bridge to where it expected. if the plane go somewhere else and doesn’t follow the predictions of the jet bridge, the bridge would re-calculate and try again. Now I can see how in real life there would be communication between the people in the jet bridge and the pilot, but think about it. It might work with the right coding and other stuff to make it more realistic. If you don’t like it, you can turn it off in the settings and go back to the one we have right now.

Don’t we already have that? If you modify the lower menu, you can see the ETE to your destination. The amount of fuel can be calculated with a flightplanner such as Simbrief.

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You can only see that after you take off


Ah right, I forgot about that detail.

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the reason i made this topic was because sometimes simbrief doesn’t actually load, even if it does, it won’t load for making the actual plan or the generator

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You can use Infinite Flight FPL Converter ( No?

yeah, you can but some times it doesn’t actually load, and some people don’t like having to go to a website to get a random or generate a fpl

But it’s easier

well, these are just things to add instead of having to go to a different website and having it on the menu

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You have that issue with both apps (Simbrief and fpl to IF)? Maybe it’s a connection issue on your side?

nvm then, just vote if you want

I feel like only the PACOTS here are needed. For a random flight you can find one on flight radar or use chatgpt or something. I understand that fpltoif is sometimes down, but in that case you can just use simbrief, (fpltoif is just a simplified version of what simbrief gives you) and besides when you understand simbrief its not even that hard.

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hold up a minute

i thought that fpltoif was sim brief but i guess not, i’ll edit it

Currently, PACOTS are not in the game due to lack of data on them and how complicated it is to update them everyday. Unlike the Atlantic tracks there are less resources available on these. They used to be in the game but got removed for reasons i stated above. Its not likely they will be added until a proper source of the routes is found.