Adding an option to where you can see the airports that only have live atc,etc


I really want an option to be placed in live mode where you can select an option and if you clicked hide non atc airports, you would only see airports that have atc, and same for show airports that don’t have atc, just to make it easier to browse which airport u want to spawn at. or even add a search box


Seriously? Is it hard to pick out the green from the blue and purple?


No ATC’s services are available in Echo airports


@HV9690 I know that but they are still on the map


You get it in the spawn menu : KLAX 125 feet and above it says Active ATC if there are any ATC’s there or nothing if there are none. Total nonsense, close this topic pls

Thanks for the clarification bro! I see what you mean now


He’s saying it would make scrolling through a list of airports in a region easier. Doesn’t it get annoying having to scroll through a list of airports in the Denver region to find one that says “ATC”?


I just never found it that difficult I guess


it takes forever to scroll, if u hadn’t realized. tons of airports,airfields


I usually just start where I want then find the ATC so it hasn’t been a problem for me


Are you playing on a tablet or a phone?

Because @natzoo is right:


iPad so that could also be another reason


Really? I thought it would be easier. On my 5S it’s kind of annoying to have to scroll so much. Not trying to badmouth Infinite Flight, but the scrolling isn’t the best sometimes. The airports and plane selection work fine (they’re a little slow), but the settings menu can be a real pain… I’ll make a video someday explaining what I mean.


iphone 6+ is the phone/ tablet i use


You can never beat Chicago


The easiest way. For US start with airports that have KXXX/PXXX in it. That’s where 99% of the ATC’s open


Or Seattle don’t forget Seattle that place has so many airports