Adding an APU

Now we have engine start/stop, I thought it’d be pretty cool if we added the APU, which would have an effect on fuel consumption, lights/flight instruments when the engines aren’t running, etc.

I really like this idea. It would surely make Infinite Flight even more realistic than it already is.

This would be awesome! It could also provide flight controls. (Flaps, etc)

WellI agree with the concept,maybe use global at least 72hrs before a suggestion. May all of your skies be blue!

Nice idea perhaps add a picture and some extra information :)

Great idea! I would recommend you add in a few pictures and gave some more information as @TheFlyingPancake said 😉👍

Adding an APU would be amazing, I can just imagine that! It would make infinite flight even more realistic!

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Not a bad idea actually, IF would become even more realistic.

New request coming.