Adding an Airbus a350

(I am not trying to start anything bad with this post. I have huge respect for the devs who put in hard work to make this amazing game.)
I have heard speculations that there will be no a350 being added to the game. I was told that Mark Denton was the cause behind there being no a350. I feel that if the community wishes for there to be an a350 then I feel that there should be an a350 added to the game we are the one who makes this community what it is. While it is true that I do not understand coding or anything like that and that anyone who is able to code I have huge respect for them. But I do feel that us as community members do not have a voice and how Infinite Flight tried to suppress us by threatening to delay the creation of the a350 if people were to mention the aircraft again. I believe I am not the only person to wonder about this. Maybe the devs are working on the aircraft behind the scenes then that would be amazing and I would like to thank you. I hope the post is not removed and I hope I do not start any fights. This simply was just to voice my opinion and see others views on the situation.

IFLLC has said repeatedly that they haven’t added the A350 into the game due to there being a lack of acceptable data available for the A350 aircraft. While we can’t say for sure that they aren’t working on it, we do know that it won’t be coming anytime soon.


Like I said if they are working on it and not telling us that would be amazing. Thank you for your oppionion

You have to remember that the staff of the FDS aren’t playing 24/7. I’m sure they try to listen and keep up with the community, but sometimes they just have too much to do, or as Connor said, they don’t have enough data for the A350 yet. Regardless, I have no doubt that they will eventually ad the A350. We just need some patience. By the way…you could’ve posted this comment in the #features section under the A350 voting section. :)

As for the community not having a voice. The community has a voice. Before the DC-10/MD-11 update, we voted on what aircraft to add, the DC-10/MD-11 came out on top, and then the CRJ Update came out. The community has a voice, the only reason IFLLC is suppressing people asking for it is because people ask for it Consistently. You’ll see comments and threads everyday of people asking for the A350, I’ve seen several posts of IFLLC saying that continusing to ask for it, and begging people isn’t helping the development of the aircraft.

While I do agree with you and we do need patience. I still feel that we as members are just seen as dollar signs to the devs. I have been told by several people that that is how the devs see us. I am not 100 percent sure of this but under some occasions it does feel like it.

Although I understand your frustration with the delayed Airbus A350 release as with any other update these points should be made in the #features category (as mentioned above) rather than creating a new thread for one point of view:

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Yes but rember we do have freedom of speech. If people wish for something to be dont to Instagram or Snapchat then they will complain non stop. If you have a popular website then you have to deal with things like that.

The Devs love us, while you say those people have said that, the Devs actually do credit ideas and do try to do the best for the community, just because we haven’t added an aircraft into the game and prefer not to be translucent with their development processes doesn’t mean we’re not noticed/appreciated

And those people who said we are just dollar signs, are most likely annoyed that a plane hasn’t been added

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I am not upset just lost and confused. If you noticed I say that the cause of this is from Mark. While I am not 100% sure this is true but if it is the members voice should out weigh one of the devs voice.

It is not simply about not adding an aircraft but much more that has happened to me between one of the devs and I would share the whole incident with you if you ad me discord because i am not getting in trouble for that.

Fly the 787 instead. Same aircraft just looks different. The A350 will get added one day, no doubt ;)

Not trying to say the manufacturers copied each other

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I would personally recommend for a clearer understanding, to go back through and look at some of the past A350 topics.

The main reason that we as a community are aware for the devs not adding it yet, is because they don’t have enough accurate data to make a model with realistic flight physics.

There is no point making something that you will then need to rework in a couple of months time. As I always say, if you’re going to do something, then do it right.

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The 787 and a350 are not the same aircraft.

Hence why I said “looks different”.

Yes but if infinite flight does it right then the planes should not fly the same. Sure they will fly similarly but the performance of the 2 aircraft are different.

They have been described as the same aircraft. While not the same range or aircraft developer, they serve the same purpose, medium to long haul flights, while being extreamly fuel efficent.

I’ve always said that once the A350 comes out, you’ll get bored of the A350 and want a new aircraft and beg and beg for that one, or complain about the work IFLLC has done because you want the A350 now.

Absolutely, hence why I also said it will be “added one day”.

Not totally true with me but it is a thing of life that any company or corporation will have to deal with.