Adding aircraft types Callsign

When you fly GA in IF, tali number is going to be your callsing. This is good but I thought it will be nice if you have callsing based on aircraft manufacture of aircraft types.

So it will be look like
Cessna 25 or Citation 25, Skyhawk 25, Crrius 25.
And you able to select those callsing like how you set your callsing for airlines.

I know they use these in the US, not sure about anywhere else in the world (definitely not in Europe). What I do know is they sill use the tail number, but replace “November” with the aircraft manufacturer/type, instead of just a random number. i.e. N543AS becomes Cherokee 543AS. Maybe for US callsigns, the system would automatically put into ATC “Cessna” instead of “N”. But if it was an aircraft that would happen for (e.g. a 757), it would stay as N543AS. Thinking of it, that is really complicated to develop, so maybe just as you suggested 😂
Why am I rambling so much here 😂

But yeah, this would be cool and sound a bit better. I was thinking about it a while ago actually. Don’t fly GA much so probably won’t clear a vote, but good idea!


I never flown any country besides USA so I don’t know about any country, (But I know that they don’t do in Europe, learned new thing!) and I hear the those call sing many times on radio. Yeah they still use tail number but I felt it’s bored with country code. if I can use those callsing, it seems cool more 😂😎

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