Adding a new instruction to help ATCs.

So in all my experience being an ATC for the Training Server (I have about 1.7k ops), I could find a lot of partners who suffer from players who are willing to unfollow all ATC instructions, specially problems regarding the inactivity of a runway.

I would like to propose to add a new instruction such as:

  • “Runway XX is inactive due to wind conditions”

  • “Runway XX is inactive”

  • “Unable, runway XX is inactive”

In my opinion I guess it would be such a helpful resource for ATCs to give an idea to players why can’t they land or takeoff from an inactive runway. So give your comments about this idea. Cheers and safe flights =)

[Although the game itself tells them about the inactivity of the runway at the top of the screen, 91% players ignore it or just don’t see it].

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That’s not how it works I’m afraid. Wait until TL2 to post features.



Hmm too bad, thanks anyway…

You’ll be there soon! Don’t worry, it comes faster than you know it. Just keep contributing like you are doing now and you’ll unlock that features category.

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I suggest you save it somewhere useful so that you can re-post when you get TL2 as it looks like a nice and detailed topic.

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Got it, thanks! I appreciate the help

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Also, it looks like you’re controlling in TS1. If you become IFATC, most people will heed your instructions and watch out for this sort of thing :).

They would also entirely ignore this (some people)