Adding 2 hard stands to KRSW

If this is the wrong category to request a minor
3D Airport upgrade , i will move this. Please advise, thanks.
Thank you for the 21.8 upgraded KRSW , SW Florida International Airport. It was a very unexpected surprise ! It looks great.

If it can be added to a fix or update list please consider adding the 2 parking areas used on the old terminal abandoned ramp area. This ramp is used by Air Cargo carrier Western Global Airlines for their MD-11F’s and 747F. It may also serve for some transient parking. It is Active and has been for 2 years now , I believe this dating is correct.

If two (2) ramp parking slots are added to the current IF layout , spawning an eventually ATC Tower/Ground can also acknowledge this area.

Its not important that the Global Livery is not in IF because unmarked white aircraft were used by Western Global. These exist in IF.

This I hope is not a huge project to add 2 ramp spots and it can be put on the future to do list.

This may have been overlooked, because certain Sat. Imagery (older) does not show this in pics. JEPP Diagrams also , mine are 2015 do not show it as active. It is 100 % active and in use.

I have attach a Flighradar 24 image showing the 2 MD11F’s parked on the old ramp. Also a link to this image. Google Maps also show the aircraft.

I don’t think 3D cargo related objects are 100% necessary, just the parking shown on the airport layout to access them.

here is the link:

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Attached is the screen shot from Flightradar24.


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Hi :)

Looking at the Western Global MD-11’s on imagery, they seem to be receiving maintenance work or something of the type. Western Global also have a hub here, is there any way you can prove (other than imagery) this could be recognised as an official parking spot for aircraft? It may be a temporary area with no markings from what I can see


I don’t see any issue with adding a few gates there - it does seem to be marked as a ramp on aerodrome charts. I’ll put this on record for if/when it’s worked on.

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This is the Western Global home base. On this ramp. There is no maintenance hangar or work done there. Except fueling and basic line stuff.
They also load and unload there. I live next to the airport and have spoken to various individuals in the Western Global Airlines management.

I’m not trying to present this a fluke that the aircraft are parked there. This is their home plate.

So my simple , i hope post is to see if we can add 2 parking slots on this ramp in IF.


Thanks!!! That would be helpful for anyone flying these planes in and out of their home base at KSRW

be safe flying !

Seems fair enough :)

Can be a little odd seeing things like this from time to time with airports. Often airports do have their own ‘quirks’ in how they operate, one of those ‘takes one to know one’ sort of things. Thanks for the insight!

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It is their home base everybody who knows about them , knows this. This is where they are often parked and loaded and off loaded. Also a 747 they have. You interpretation of this one pic is superficial unfortunately.

The credit for this screen shot is obvious.

Is your point sir to argue .
Fly down here to KRSW so you can see them periodical parked at this specific ramp. They are here frequently. I’ll meet you at the airport
I live here, I see them…Google it.

If you don’t think this is a worthy upgrade please say so. Im suggesting two parking slots are added to a empty ramp. To simulate real world KSRW operations , copy.

They do heavy maintenance in Louisiana.

Be safe, if you think its a fluke that they operatate for years now on and off that ramp and park and stage there , i can’t help you .

I don’t believe @Ecoops123 was trying to argue with you, I just think he wanted more insight and to make sure that they were actual parking spots that were marked, and not just because there is extra space that it should be a parking spot.

You don’t live next to the airport do you ? Its not odd at all. For Lee County Port Authority. This is Florida not England.

I have worked in and out of this Airport for years
and KFMY. My office and Squadron Hdqs was on the airport i had gate codes and authority to enter the airport including airside.

These aircraft USE the ramp.

full stop.


Conversation has run its course. Thanks for the feedback!