Added cockpit views

Couldn’t really find what I’m thinking about.

I was thinking, since we have the cockpit view, why stop there? We could have a first officer/co-pilot view, flight engineer view (if applicable), and a jump seat view. I know they wouldn’t serve as big of a function as the main cockpit view we have now but why not? We can have something like exterior views, where if you hold the camera button you can drag upwards to different views.

If this is a duplicate please let me know.

Edit: Don’t mind my horrible editing skills but it should look something like this:

Yea it’s obviously too many but you get the point


It probably is a duplicate, but I do think that different cockpit views should be added as you said. :)

Actually, I think that different views from all around the aircraft should be added. It gets kinda boring when you just got to cruising altitude and you still have 20 minutes until you reach your destination. For example, the 748 has lots of different views!


This is a specific one for first officer by Misha. There was also one for centre cockpit camera and movable cockpit camera.