Add wind forecast

So I have came up with a genus idea! Some sort of wind and visibility forecast for a select day on infinite flight live. What do you guys think?

Number one, select the time of day is already implemented in the game

But what the wind will be at a select Zulu time

And we technically have weather forecast in the game, and it’s called METAR


I’m not aware of that

IF also already has real-world weather. (Visibility,Winds)

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Every pilots should learn how to read METARs, even in IF


That’s not what he is asking.

If you want a weather forecast for the winds, just search it up online. The winds in Infinite Flight will be identical to those in the real world. :)


Really? Never knew that

Hmmmm… ok

To be serious, as @CannedAviation said, we already have this. METAR

Agreed. If you can’t read METARs, or you don’t wanna read 'em, just search the weather up on Google. Or learn how to read them if you want to be a professional pilot.

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Search up the winds in the area or search world winds and go to the Nasa site to see the worlds jet streams.

Yeah. In IF live it uses real world weather for each airport/location. However, IF obviously cannot support precipitation readings it receives, so it lowers visibility typically.

He’s talking about a forecast for a future date…

@Coastal for wind forecasts, check out or

I already know what they are I was just unfamiliar with the word metar

Just look at the real weather for that region

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I think he’s talking about the forecast, so he would be asking for a TAF or a terminal area forcast

@CannedAviation METAR is only the CURRENT weather at the airport, not the forecast (excluding the term NOSIG - if you want to say that’s a basic forecast - if included in the current weather). He is asking for the forecast or predicted weather to plan your flights, a completely different thing to the current METAR displayed in IF.

Whilst it’s a good idea, as stated above, it’s easy to find online on multiple weather websites or flight planning websites and isn’t a necessary implementation into IF itself.

We can put the Live weather forecasts in the main menu. It’ll tell pilots what the weather would be like before they hit “fly”

You can check the weather online.