Add Violations and Ghosting to Logbook

Great idea! Very useful for pilots to see why they got violations and see which controller ghosted them.

I also thought of another idea for ghostings: if a controller wants to ghost a pilot, he/she can leave a reason why the pilot got ghosted. Maybe after the controller’s session, there could be a popup screen that asks the controller to leave a reason why they ghosted the pilot. The controller may leave a reason during their sessions.

The reasons behind the ghosting will appear in the ghosting section of the the logbook. These reasons can reduce the amounts of PMs to the controllers made by the pilots and to reduce the #support requests that says “I got ghosted for no reason.” To sum it up, pilots can see who reported them and why they got reported/ghosted.

I really like this idea and I will vote for it :)


This is a great idea. Users should have an ability to know what violations and ghosting they get.

Sounds like a 5 minute job for @Cameron!


Bumping this, and just voted. I think we really need this to avoid the hassle of looking on Third Party apps.


I agree - especially with the new Expert Server requirements


I love the idea!!
Also not surprised that @anon66442947 is one of the ATC who ghosted

MaxSez: With The New Violation/Ghost/Expert Access Rules this Feature is a Requirerment not a nice to have. Rather than the Logbook the individual stats drop down is the place to revile the whole truth.What say you @philippe?


I hope this is added. It doesn’t seem that hard to implement and should be a form of being able to check through the sim given the new requirements.

I would love this feature. Instead of relying on third-party apps we could check it in the app.

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Oh man, I’m outta Votes but I like this idea! 👍🏻

Does this count as confirmed:

Twitter by Laura’s post. The log book for each flight will be re -worked


Hopefully. It will be a welcome feature.


This is simple, but the best feature request I’ve seen on here. You got my vote!

I hope the reason for the ghosting will be added. Laura says that there will be a way for controllers to say why people (or you) were ghosted.

Yep, this’ll be good for all those people saying “Hey I got ghosted unfairly please reverse i’m grade 5 with 900 landings I am a good pilot”


Yes they confirmed it above on Jan 22nd.

It will be a great feature to have.

Oh, really? I didnt see that. Sorry