Add Violations and Ghosting to Logbook

Add ghostings and violations to the log book for pilots to see.

With the number of long flights, pilots are receiving violations during flight with no way of knowing what it was for or when. This would give the pilots the ability to review their violations without posting a message in the forums asking why only for Tyler to close it.

The same issue holds true with ghostings. Many time pilots do not recall which expert controller reported them which adds to a longer time resolution time. With this in place, pilots can see who reported them.

By adding tabs across the top of the page, it allows the information to be in one logical place.

Here is a concept of what I was thinking. (yes it is one image)

I am aware I have another request similar but that was for the exit screen. I like this one better. The whole point of it is to give the information to the pilot. Knowledge is power! GI JOE

Let’s make it happen!

I really like this idea… I may have to find a free vote… :)


The fact that you took the time to make a picture of what this could look like really demonstrates how some of you guys are really dedicated to your posts, you really have to take the time to appreciate posts like this.
In my opinion this should be added, this could help with new recruites trying to join IFATC but have recently been ghosted, this can also save the hassle of checking for ghostings everytime a new recruit is intrested in joining IFATC, as always great post Chris and nice request, hope this will be added one day…

Warm regards, 305…


Voted. Very much needed and would cut down on #support topics for violations.


Love this idea. Not that I get violations very often, but when I do, it would be nice to see what was violated.

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Yep. Apparently I have votes so I have voted for this.
As Laura Murphy said, this will reduce pointless support topics (of which there is more than 1)
And is very useful for the pilots. Nice request!

Donate £3 to help the cookie monster make this feature real…


Interesting idea!
This is for me a 'nice to have’
Won’t free a vote for this one, but definitely has my support.


Yeah it’s hard for me to vote for non flight related items.

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@Chris_S… MaxSez: Great ideas Chris, I’ll vote for this for sure. Need to free up one of my losers. I’m Violation prone, over speeds due to AP failures or my aggressive airmanship keep me at Grade 3. I’m so tired of trying to figure out why/ when the Violation was issued and when my last 7 day downer period ends as they overlap. Now I just ignore the scoreboard and let it buck. On Ghosts, Involved Controllers ID would be useful. Great Trend Evaluator and Score Card. Regards


Nice idea ! But I know where my violations come from… Over 250kts below 10,000fts, lol. I’m allways get distracted with the tv, etc and forget to slow down.

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I would love to see that too! Had a long range flight from Montreal to London, on autopilot on 40,000 ft / 320 kts, and had to do an urgent phone call which lasted 10 minutes; so I placed my phone on a shelf, made the call, and when I came back the plane had crashed upside-down and I had 6 violations which threw me from Grade 3 back to Grade 1 … and I had no idea about what had happened; jet stream was blowing eastwards so it shouldn’t have been a problem … :anguished:

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Wonderful idea! I’d love to see this implemented. Voted for. :)

Would be quite nice to have, would clear many things up and would avoid many “why did I get 100 violations for nothing”-topics :)

I think this would be a feature that needs to be added, it would just make things so much easier to find out what you did wrong

Good idea, this is gonna help… Especially for me :[

Am in a simular boat here, don’t often get violations…and when I do I know it’s down to pilot error! Have voted for this as I think it will be a great learning tool for new pilots for them to see where they went wrong and (hopefully) learn from it. Also hopefully stop the many topics of “why did I get ghosted/ down graded / violations…”

If I could like this, I would vote for it and like it!

But really I would love to see this also.

Well said and i have placed my vote for it too as it would solve the eternal problem of “what have i done wrong”

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Removed a vote just for this, great topic Chris I love the idea! 👍👏

sounds great, I thi nk we should

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