Add Vibration to ATC Commands

With global flight coming out, I find that many of us will be putting out heavies on autopilot for our long voyages around the world. I thought it would be a good idea to have ATC vibrate notifications when ATC contacts you specifically so you know that message was for you. Many of us will probably put out phones/tablets down and let autopilot do most of the flying, so we are bound to zone out every now and then, so it would be nice to have that little vibrate to remind and tell you that ATC command was for you.

The vibrate function can also be used to give extra emphasis to pilots not listening to instructions or to tell them to check help pages. (Thanks to @PlanesForLife for this idea).

Also vibrate notifications would only work above a certain FL to avoid your device from vibrating while performing a manual landing.


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Especially the “please follow instructions” or “check help pages”

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That would be great! To really put the emphasis on certain ATC requests!

Definitely, and it should only vibrate once you reach cruise or above 10,000ft. Otherwise it would be annoying to be on final coming in for a manual landing only to have your phone vibrate.


Help pages that don’t exist ;)

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I totally agree with you :)

This would be extremely useful but there’s one flaw. I know phones can vibrate but, to my knowledge, tablets couldn’t. How would this vibrate function work with tablets?

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Maybe notifications?

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If you’re away from your device, how would you receive those notifications?

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Lol true. I don’t have a tablet so that completely slipped me.


But it’s the same thing with vibrations, if you’re away from your phone you won’t know if someone conctacted you.


Maybe there can be a special chime for tablets/all devices and vibrate for those that support it.

It should be vibrations for warnings and violations eg overspeed.

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Good ideas, only thing is to my knowledge not many devices have a vibrate function.

Wow just scrolled up and someone said nearly the same thing as me

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If you ‘put your device down’ and are pre occupied with something else as you state, how is a vibration going to get your attention more so than the audio of ATC calling out your call sign?

Unless you’re a snake detecting vibrations in the air with your tongue, this idea ain’t gonna work…

If you’re on a busy frequency its easy to miss a call unless you’re watching the screen 24/7.

Nah, let say maybe at 3,000ft. From there you should be established on the ILS.

You should be paying attention, especially in a busy frequency, otherwise, go to free flight.

If you’re holding the device, where else are you looking? The audio speaks your call sign. The text colour is different when it’s a transmission for you. Real world pilots don’t get any vibration!

If you’re not holding the device, as the original post in this threads states, then a vibration won’t get your attention…

Would you be able to hold your phone/tablet for 10 straight hours during for an international flight completely uninterrupted? People are bound to put it down, and I personally don’t think audio and a text colour would do it any justice.