Add transponder

Hello. I have an awesome idea.

I would like the transponder to be added to Infinite Flight. It would be a gui under the Systems tab.


  • Add option to be turned on/off
  • Turning off the transponder will only hide you from the tracking system and the live map for players. ATC, mods and your logbook can still see your location
  • Players can enter the 4 number skwalk code into it
  • squawk code will show up next to the airplane´s icon
  • Default squawk code is 1200
  • Default spawning squawk code can be changed in settings
  • Ident (Will make the airplane icon flash on the radar screen)
  • Standby (Used when taxing to runway)
  • Tower can assign you the squawk code.
  • In the ATC player gui, there will be a button that will automatically set the assigned squawk code that tower assigned you
  • Response to the squawk assignment will be ¨squawk [number], [callsign]¨
  • Is the code is 7500 (Hijacking), 7600 (Radio failure) or 7700 (General emergancy), their aircraft icon will blink red and white. The frequency the´re tuned into (if any) will be alerted.
  • Transponder modes
  • Transponder will still behave the same in solo flight
    Here is what I would think it would look like
    Instead of having those dials to enter the squawk, the players would tap/click on the LED and type in the squawk, and the players would move the other dials be swiping.

Oooof this looks good but I’m out of votes but good luck though and hopefully they add it : D

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Im unfortunetly out of votes buts nice thread request, dont forget to vote for your own. Happy flying

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I like the request, you have my support. 👍

About the author to vote on his own topic, this is not rule, it is only recommendation, because there is the possibility of the author not having more votes; in addition, the fact of having created the topic already shows the author’s interest in what is being requested. 😉


Interesting idea, but not sure the interaction with ATC will work too well, I can forsee most people declaring an emergency, or hijacking when being vectored into a queue. :)


Maybe this is a good idea, but that needs to be adapted to the IF, right? 😅

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Hidden aircrafts will not be good examples for community.

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Is this becuase you want to recreate JANET flights?😂


Skwalk? I’ve only every referred and heard it as squawk. In the US, pilots sometimes refer to it during IFR clearance as “XXXX in the box” even though its incorrect phraseology.

Would be a great feature, would be even better with the IFR clearance feature.

Wouldn’t be any different. 7700 only allowed in some occations, 7500 disconnects you etc. like every other network.

Lol, yes. FAA phraseology is much more laidback than the ICAO equivalent. The correct phraseology is “Squawk XXX”, and ackowledged by “squawking XXXX”. But you know, americans need to make their own twist on everything… :P

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Squawk, not skwalk 😀

This would be a good feature for IF. Adds realism and overall its a good idea!
I’m unfortunately out of votes, but you have my support.

I mean you don’t need 7500 in this game.
It’s not like it can happen but for role playing.
Nice request :D

Yes and i want to have transponders

Be creative. Use it if someone is trying to take ur phone while flying lol


ATC will still be able to pick you up on radar it would be a good add though but also I can see it getting people into trouble if they dont have it on when they are supposed to have it on, GAF and private flights could get away with this feature just fine but for people doing commercial services on expert they would need to have it on all the time

This is a cool idea.

Dad: Tries to take my iPad cuz i have been on for ages

Me: Squawk 7500


I can see a lot of 7500 all redy 😏

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uses 7700 when phone goes below 20% battery


Cool idea however the standard squawk code (having not been assigned one) would be 7000 not 1200

Cool idea
So whenever we have communication problems instead of changing callsign to NORDO we can squawk 7600
Except I ran out of votes