Add to fpl button missing

I am wondering where this button is. All the videos on flight planning I have watched keep referring to it. At the moment I am having to laboriously copy and paste Flightplan from Simbrief and Navigraph. Perhaps I have a faulty download.

This one?

Yes, I never see this. Where do I find it. I have tried going into airports, adding runway and procedure but that is as far as I get.

You just have to paste the full flightplan into the search bar and this button should pop up, if you have already added other waypoints to the flightplan ingame. Otherwise it just files the flightplan automatically.

Ok so I have been doing that but still nothing shows up about adding to or replacing Flightplan. Simply on the left hand side of screen is a list of waypoints.

On the top right is where you can look for waypoints/ airports or paste them.

Once you have at least 2 waypoints in that box, it will say add to fpl like @Altaria55 posted above.

Maybe I am not explaining myself well. I have just watched a video on YouTube about three ways of creating a Flightplan in IF. The first one is through IF itself. So I select a departure airport, click on the blue airport icon and choose a departure procedure followed by the runway. But that is it. No button to add to Flightplan as per the video. Is my installation of IF defective or why can I not use IF to create a Flightplan.

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You haven’t loaded in the flight yet there lol

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I don’t understand. In the video they pick a departure airport, press the “add to Flightplan” button which appears nowhere in my installation, then choose a destination airport, repeat the process of adding to Flightplan and IF creates a full Flightplan apparently. You appear to have missed my point. I am not importing a Flightplan but trying to get IF to create one.

Hey! I’ll try to help here!!

I get what you are saying. Try this! Select a departure SID from any location. Let’s take KEWR. Select the PORTT4 departure. Now, if you already have a flight plan from ForeFlight, sim brief, or FPLTOIF you can either copy and paste those way points in I believe, or be like me and manually type them in. From there you should see the “add to flight plan” option. But it only shows up if you are manually typing the waypoints in I believe! Try to do this whole spawned into a flight as well. If it doesn’t work, maybe provide some images or a video!

Let me know if this helps!

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you have to spawn into a flight before trying to make a flight plan

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So now I am showing my complete ignorance. What does spawning into a flight mean?

click on a gate, and click Ok. Then you will start a flight

Thanks. I am only tinkering with Infinite Flight until I get my old PC ramped up to run MSFS2020 with a proper Airbus sidestick.

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