Add the new Alaska airlines liveries

Boeing 737

Bombardier Q400

ERJ 175

Now, I know that it is customary for a features request to only have one photo. But in order to demonstrate my point, I needed to have multiple. So, I know that there are other feature requests out there for the new Alaska Airlines liveries. But, those other requests are for just one of the Alaska Airlines aircraft. I am making this feature request to be for the new livery for ALL their aircraft. I have added the pictures to show that Alaska Airlines redesigned the liveries for all their aircraft.

photo credit: I pulled these photos off of google images. I did make sure that the photos were from real Alaska Airlines aircraft before posting them though.

I know that I didn’t add pictures for all the different boeing 737 models that Alaska owns, but that was because I thought that would be too many pictures.

The new Alaka a320 is already on IF

so, I should take it off?

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You should take it off.The Regulars would tell you to do it anyways

there we go. I didn’t think of that when creating the request. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Revisit the guidelines, one picture and one feature per request. Kind regards, Levet