Add the F-35 (Just cause I’m going to the Air Force) :p

The F-35 is a highly advanced fighter jet. I bet just like the A350, TBM, and Cessna, the devs could add the ‘glass screens’ in the cockpit.

I would really love to see the F-35 on infinite flight. It would be a symbol of advancement and evolvement not just on IF but for the entire mobile flight sim industry:)

I’d be happy if you all support adding this jet on IF!:)


Feel free to vote here:


Wow. Can’t believe it’s there already. Sucks.

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That other one is quite dormant.

The original feature request is not dormant, and is also much more detailed.

You didn’t even vote for your own request. This post should be closed in my opinion.

Always search before posting a feature request, thank you 😊