Add Tags to Community Tutorials Category

Given the recent and great organizational addition of tags for the #features category, I had the thought that this approach may well be suited for the community tutorials on the forum.

I find that there are a lot of great topics covering everything from cockpit layouts to airport operations. However, I also have so many of these bookmarked that it becomes difficult to keep track of them effectively. Therefore, I thought it might be beneficial to include the tags that I’ve suggested below for easy organization.


Airport ops

Self-explanatory, this tag would cover any and all airport-specific tutorials.

Aircraft ops

This tag would cover any topics related to speeds at any point in flight and/or handling characteristics in general or for specific aircraft.

ATC ops

This may or may not be needed since ATC is separate in many ways with its own category, etc. but it is included anyway.

Aircraft features

Any topics related specifically to a feature of aircraft (at this point mainly cockpit layout topics).


For anything related to approaches, NATS, and other navigation topics (Visuals, etc) that are not airport specific.


For anything not covered above.


Since tutorials are an ever-growing part of the community, and a resource that all of us can benefit from, I think this organization will help substantially as the community tutorials section continues to expand. It will also allow new and veteran pilots to quickly locate any applicable resources before starting a flight.

Let me know what you think!


This is actually a very useful guide. Thank you!

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Thanks for the request. I have escalated this request up the chain of command for approval, schedule, and execution.