Add "Standing By" option for both pilots and ATCs

As the title says because when traffic gets heavy and people start telling me to stand by, I die to acknowledge their standby so they won’t do weird things while I stand by for them

Thank you @Justin_Gonzalez for moving the topic to Features :D


“Standby” doesn’t require an answer.

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Why I am suggesting this is because people keep thinking that I am ignoring their requests when I’m well, dealing with some other requests somewhere…

In aviation, the term standby means hold on just like correction, standby

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Also why I suggested this is because my friend simulated QFA32 emergency landing yesterday and he told me to stand by and I finally knew what was going on but I can’t signal to him that I know what’s going on…

What is the point in this?

@dush19 he clearly states the reason in the original post.

It’s like

ATC: American 001, Stand By
Pilot:Standing by, American 001
And Vice Versa
Pilot:Stand by, Royal Jordanian 621
ATC: Royal Jordanian 621, Standing by.

Why would pilots stand by?

When I ask for intentions, they tell me to standby so I feel like we should be respond back as well in a way

As in the link AR gave, pilots/ATC’s don’t respond when stand-by is said. Therefore it would no be realistic, would make it unrealistic.

When you ask so, its the PG Thereby they are not knowing anything… This is a PG issue. Do the same on Advanced, you wont get an answer like “Stand by”

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Realism. I ask for it, you all kpkb me.

Practical use. I ask for it, also kpkb me.

What does that mean? Not everyone understands.

Not meant to be understood.

Then just don’t comment that.
People need to understand your comment

All your posts should be understood, or that kind of defeats the purpose of posting at all.

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@Laurens is right though. Standby does not require any response in real life, so if you want realism we should stick to not having “standing by” added.


If someone says stand by and you really want to respond just respond by saying stand by!
Speed Bird 227 standby
Standby speed bird 227

Yea I did that… I guess I’ll do that then, thanks.